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The Challenge:  When meeting face to face we form perceptions and impressions within seconds by absorbing tiny verbal and non-verbal signals to decide: Is this person credible? Can I trust them? Are they an ally or threat? How much power do they have? And, should I follow their lead?

In today’s workplace where we rely on technology for so many interactions with colleagues & clients, it has become increasingly important to stand out, earn trust and build gravitas to build strong working relationships and get things done.

Our Belief: By understanding the neuroscience behind how: first impressions are made, social networks are formed and trust is built, we can apply simple and clever ways to create and develop stronger working relationships.

Our Approach:

  • Understand how first impressions are formed and identify the 3 character traits our brains have evolved to detect.

  • Analyse your professional network today and identify the 6 types of people you need in your professional network.

  • Define your personal brand in a single sentence.

  • Manage your online brand and digital footprint.

  • Virtual networking strategies for introverts.

  • The "Give & Take" of collaborative working relationships.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Understand how your brain has evolved to manage social networks and discover the neuroscience behind social skills

  • Develop more collaborative relationships in your professional network 

  • Leverage technology to project your personal brand during virtual meetings.

Who Should Attend:​ Anyone who needs to collaborate across virtual teams or working remotely.

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