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The Challenge: Organisations spend almost $50 Billion USD each year on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, and although this increases the quantity of customer information available, many sales teams still struggle to identify where time and resources should be focused to increase sales productivity and maximise the potential of their client portfolios. 

Our Approach: This workshop 90-minute workshop provides relationship managers with an opportunity to zoom out to review the performance and potential of each client in their portfolio to identify where business activity will be most productive, and maximise the potential of their most valuable client relationships.

  • Review your key accounts to ensure time and resources are focused on the right clients / activities / people.

  • Create stakeholder maps for major client accounts to increase your ability to influence key decision makers.

  • Identify the goals, pain points and buying motivators of decision makers.

  • Plan how to strengthen key relationships and influence decision makers in each key account.

  • Tailor sales messaging & client communication strategies to inform and influence more effectively. 

Workshop Outcomes: At the end of this workshop, participants will walk away with:

  • An analysis of the client mix in their account portfolio to increase sales productivity and identify new opportunities.

  • Plans to strengthen and protect the most important client relationships.

  • A deeper understanding of major client’s needs and buying triggers that are not related to price.

  • A prioritised “to-do” list of high impact – low effort activities to build the sales pipeline.

Who Should Attend: Sales Leaders, Key Account Managers, Sales support and technical service team leaders.

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