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The Challenge: As competition in the market increases and organisations are forced to do more with less, businesses must find faster, more efficient, and more cost effective ways to get work done. People managers are the key to identifying reliable and efficient ways to deliver these improvements by prioritising and managing workloads more effectively. 

Our Approach: To successfully prioritise workloads and delegate tasks, people managers must be able to

  • Allocate cost to routines, tasks and meetings, then analyse workloads to agree priorities, and designate the order that tasks should be completed.

  • Learn how to inform stakeholders when priorities change, make win-win agreements and renegotiate deadlines.

  • Practice assertive communication techniques to push back professionally or deal with unreasonable demands.

  • Identify the 6 occasions when you should delegate a task.

  • Apply a clear process to delegation, using a simple and clever tracker to ensure tasks are completed effectively and team members receive the the support they need.

  • Manage handover conversations with team members who are: overconfident/ poor communicators/ reluctant to stretch themselves.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Manage time and workloads more effectively to maximise productivity and resource utilisation.

  • Reine stakeholder management skills such as expectation management, negotiating agreements on priorities, and professional assertiveness.

  • Understand how to delegate successfully by assigning responsibility whilst retaining accountability.

Who Should Attend: Supervisors, project/ people managers and anyone leading teams.

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