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The Challenge: The increasing cost of winning large bids and tenders means that many new client accounts may not generate profits in the first year. As such, when you are shortlisted to pitch for a strategic account against 2 or 3 of your closest competitors, increasing your win ratio can have a dramatic impact on an organisation's bottom line. 

Our Belief: Almost every sales professional has experienced the stress of making last minute changes to a PowerPoint presentation 10 minutes before an important client pitch. This 90-minute workshop is not focused on skills training, instead it introduces a robust and transferable pitch planning process that increases your ability to close deals and reduces the likelihood of mistakes & missed opportunities caused by poor preparation.

Our Approach: 

  • Understand the tendering process and identify the most important decision-making criteria for your client.

  • Differentiate between the factors that got you on the shortlist, from the factors that might get you selected from the shortlist.

  • Tailor your organisational credentials to create a more focused and persuasive value proposition.

  • Develop clear and concise messages that will make you stand out from the competition.

  • Build a pitch checklist to ensure you’ve done everything you can to prepare and maximise your chances of winning.

Workshop Outcomes: 

  • Develop a common language and consistent approach to pitching that saves time and effort when preparing for major opportunities.

  • Employ a more diverse range of influencing strategies to persuade potential clients.

  • Understand the right questions to ask during the diagnostic phase to tailor your pitch strategy.

  • Increase your understanding and appreciation of the complexities of getting selected from the short-list.

Who Should Attend: Sales Leaders and Key Account Managers

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