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Training Workshops

Our training workshops incorporate Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience to help individuals, people managers and sales teams develop the skills they need to reach thier full potential. All of our workshops can be delivered face to face or in virtual classrooms and the duration and group sizes can be tailored to allow participants to explore topics in sufficient depth to successfully apply the learning back in the workplace.


Understanding Behaviour Styles.jpg
Presenting With Confidence.jpg
Influencing Without Authority.jpg
Difficult Conversations.jpg
Building Relationships in a Virtual Workspace.jpg

Managing Others

Prioritising & Delegating Work.jpg
Building High Performance Teams.jpg
Delivering Feedback.jpg
Coaching For Peak Performance.jpg
Managing Virtual Teams.jpg

Sales Capability

Account Planning.jpg
Creating Opportunities With Insights.jpg
The Trusted Advisor.jpg
Pitching To Win.jpg
The Confident Negotiator.jpg
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