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Leadership Simulations

We believe people learn fastest when theory is replaced with immersive dilemmas, scenarios and case studies that engage learners intellectually and emotionally.


We are experts at designing storylines that explore real life challenges in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.  Our modular topics allow organisations to select individual topics or combine them all to form a rich and comprehensive leadership development program.

A Diverse Cast Of Characters

We help learners develop more inclusive leadership behaviours through interactions with characters who's thoughts and actions are influenced by cultural and generational diversity. Our scenarios explore:

  • Individualism versus Collectivism,

  • Rules versus Relationships,

  • Behaviour styles at work,

  • Big 5 personality traits

Ready-Made Scenarios

Our simulations contain real-world issues that allow learners to practice applying new tools and skills in an immersive and engaging way. 

Choose from a selection of team leadership and people management issues such as: Understanding Behaviour Styles, Recruitment, Prioritisation & Time Management, Building High Performing Teams, Goal Setting, Delivering Feedback, Managing Conflict and many more.

Bespoke Video Production

Our video production team can adapt thier approach to suit a range of needs, budgets and deadlines. Short videos typically require 1 or 2 weeks for casting, rehearsals and shooting, plus an additional week for editing and post production effects such as graphics & subtitles.

Video can be combined with face to face or online role plays with professional actors to take training workshops to a new level.

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