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The Challenge: Equipping team with the tools they need to thrive when work remotely doesn't stop with new laptops and Zoom accounts. To maintain productivity and team engagement in virtual teams, managers must support team members teams with tools and routines that supplement the everyday social interactions and bonding team members would experience when working in an office environment.

Our Belief: Managers of remote teams can maintain productivity and team engagement by addressing the 7 key factors that impact virtual team dynamics.

Our Approach:

  • Create social cohesion with routines and rituals that strengthen bonds and create a team identity.

  • Provide the support that team members need to feel empowered and engaged when working from home.

  • Increase the quantity and quality of inter-group communication to ensure all team members are informed and aligned.

  • Communicate the teams vision linking it to individual goals and roles.

  • Build and maintain "predictive trust" (can we rely on each other?) and "vulnerability trust" (is it safe to admit mistakes or ask for help?).

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Workshop Outcomes:

  • Gain insights into the cognitive and behavioural neuroscience behind group dynamics and understand how remote working can impact team identity.

  • Develop simple and easy habits that can improve team dynamics without increasing your workload.

  • Maintain productivity and engagement levels of team members who are working remotely.

Who Should Attend: Anyone who manages or leads remote teams.

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