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The Challenge: Everyone will agree that they are looking for Win-Win outcomes, so why do we always have to deal with unhelpful negotiation behaviours such as "low-balling" and emotional decision making, or negotiate with a counterpart using tired old strategies such as "Good cop - Bad cop" or asking you to "work for free this time, with a promise of a profit" on a future deal that will never materialise.

Our Belief: Confident negotiation is not bravado or an extroverted display of showmanship, but an inner belief that comes from knowing you’ve done your homework, you’re aware of your positions, interests and values and you’ve anticipated the same in your counterpart. This workshop provides the skills, tools and supporting techniques for you to be an effective, successful and confident negotiator..

Our Approach: 

  • Understanding client negotiation, its dynamics and underlying principles.

  • Planning for a successful (and principled) negotiation.

  • Opening and controlling the flow of discussion.

  • Bargaining & concession trading using advanced communication skills and strategies.

  • Understanding and dealing with tactics to close mutually beneficial agreements.

Workshop Outcomes: 

  • Learn to analyse client negotiation styles to determine the appropriate strategies and tactics you should employ.

  • Apply a range of planning tools that help you prepare for and successfully navigate complex negotiations.

  • Develop a range of negotiation-specific communication skills from tactical empathy to advanced questioning techniques.

  • Identify "counter-tactics" to overcome aggressive or unreasonable negotiation strategies from your counterpart. 

  • Role-play client negotiation scenarios to refine skills and receive coaching, feedback and tips.

Who Should Attend: Sales Leaders and Key Account Managers

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