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The Challenge: The tools and skills of sales professionals have evolved rapidly since the days when communicating product features and benefits was enough to close a deal. The most successful Account managers learnt how to build relationships and communicate value to differentiate thier products. In response, organisations have developed procurement systems and introduced tendering processes to reduce costs. 

Our Belief: The most successful sales professionals act as expert consultants who can diagnose customer needs in boardroom conversations to understand a client's business at a deeper level. These "Trusted Advisors" can bypass the procurement process by providing free consulting, and in doing so they transform the supplier relationship. 

Our Approach: This 90-minute workshop focuses on the mindsets and behaviours that transform Account managers into expert consultants who understand client needs at a deeper level and deliver value-based solutions. Participants will:

  • Identify the mindsets behaviours that differentiate a trusted adviser from a solution provider.

  • Examine the essential components of trust and identify the activities that strengthen client relationships.

  • Assess the current levels of trust in client relationship to identify opportunities and threats.

  • Learn advanced diagnostic questioning techniques.

Workshop Outcomes: 

  • Identify the differences between consultative selling and other sales strategies,

  • Learn how trust is built and assess trust levels in your key client relationships,

  • Understand your client’s business at a deeper level by using diagnostic questions to identify goals and pain points,

  • Create and develop customer needs that align with your unique value propositions

  • Tailor value propositions that align client needs to your unique value proposition.

Who Should Attend: Sales Leaders and Key Account Managers

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