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The Challenge: With the increased pressures, limited resources and changing deadlines at work today, it is almost inevitable that we will face conflict and navigate difficult conversations with colleagues. Whether these involve raising a sensitive issue, taking a more assertive position or addressing inappropriate behaviour, having uncomfortable conversations is never easy.

Our Belief: The ability to conduct crucial conversations in a professional and tactful way is the key to unlocking your own performance, and the potential of the key stakeholders you collaborate with. By understanding the social dynamics that drive positive outcomes, anyone learn to navigate conflict more effectively and use difficult conversations to create stronger working relationships.

Our Approach:

During the workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the dynamics of a difficult conversation.

  • Identify the powerful connections between a person's values, thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

  • Use a self assessment to recognise unhelpful stress behaviours in themselves (and others) and understand how they can derail a conversation.

  • Learn strategies to manage their emotions and better engage (and influence) others with courage and respect.

  • Apply tools to plan their approach to a real-life scenario.

  • Practice navigating their most challenging conversations to increase their ability to generate a win-win outcome.

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Workshop Outcomes: At the end of this workshop participants will understand what can (and can not) be controlled in a difficult conversation and the importance of approaching others with respect and positive intention. They will be able to apply: self management, communication skills and tactical empathy to gain positive outcomes more often.

Who Should Attend:

Team members, people managers and leaders. Anyone who needs to improve their ability to manage conflict and successfully navigate difficult conversations in the workplace.

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