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The Challenge: The ability to influence stakeholders to buy into ideas, support initiatives and accept recommendations without using authority or positional power is an essential skill in today's workplace.

Our Belief: Influencing is both an art and a science. Great influencers demonstrate integrity, build trust and strengthen working relationships by:

  • Reading the situation to understand the emotional, political and cultural factors that may impact rational decisions.

  • Using influence strategies to get a “Yes” without having to compromise or negotiate.

Our Approach: This workshop equips participants with proven tools and skills to influence without authority (typically up and across in organisations). During the workshop, participants will:

  1. Identify the 3 most important qualities and attributes of effective influencers,

  2. Analyse stakeholder needs at a deeper level, and gain insights into the 8 "universal motivators" that lay behind every complex decision.

  3. Learn how to tailor persuasive messages for different communication styles to ensure stakeholders say "Yes" for thier own reasons,

  4. Discover how to overcome objections in a professional way, without appearing pushy and aggressive.

Workshop Outcomes: Participants will gain best practice influence skills and learn to view influencing as an opportunity to "elevate stakeholder to thier own point of view" rather than resort to negotiation, compromise or manipulation. 

Who Should Attend: Individual contributors, managers and leaders. Anyone who needs to get work done through and with other people.

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