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The Challenge: Many people find public speaking stressful, avoiding presenting during meetings or events. However, research shows that a person's ability to present with confidence impacts first impressions and perceptions of their overall competence, highlighting the link between presentation skills and success at work.

Our Belief: Some people are born with natural gifts, you need to be smart to become an engineer and you need to be strong to succeed as an athlete. But no one is born with a natural talent for public speaking. The best communicators have gained experience from each mistake they made, and applied best practice planning tools, delivery skills to: connect with an audience, convey information in simple terms, and inspire people to take action.

Our Approach: This workshop employs cutting-edge Neuroscience research to overcome the stress of presenting in high stakes situations. Participants will walk away from the session equipped with a blend of:

​Planning Tools

  • Learn how to structure a presentation to increase clarity and maximise recall of key information.

  • Tailor the content and delivery of presentations in the most persuasive manor for your audience.

Presentation Skills:

  • Define the first impressions you wish to create and identify the 7 observable behaviours that influence other people's perception.

  • Polish and refine your use of eye contact, voice and gestures to increase impact in face to face and virtual presentations.

Inner Confidence:

  • Overcome interference and distractions from anxiety and overthinking, to remain calm and focused in high pressure situations.

  • Discover how to manage your physiology and use mental preparation to reproduce your best performances consistently.


Workshop Outcomes: Through exercises, Individual feedback and coaching, participants will enhance their existing skills and build a stronger foundation of techniques to help them present more effectively. 

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who delivers informative or persuasive presentations to stakeholders in face to face, or virtual meetings.

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