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The Challenge: Account managers face an increasingly commoditised marketplace, with more informed decision makers, and more complex procurement processes. This means that strong personal relationships won't guarantee they will win the deal, they simply create opportunities to quote for the business. To get selected from the shortlist on something other than price, Account managers must demonstrate deep expertise and communicate real value to senior decision makers

Our Approach:  To become a trusted advisor, we need to do more than ask clients "What keeps you awake at night". During this 90-minute workshop Account managers will:​​

  • Identify what senior decision makers really value, and understand what Executives want to get from time spent with Account managers. 

  • Develop insights that position them as industry experts and help build relationships where they are seen as trusted advisors.

  • Refine their ability to ask consultative questions that challenge the status quo and create new sales opportunities 

  • Learn how to communicate market insights that position the unique value proposition of their solutions.

Workshop Outcomes: 

  • Enhance credibility with senior decision makers by communicating insights on market disruption and product innovation.

  • Build confidence when meeting with senior decision makers and create new opportunities for win-win partnerships.

  • Differentiate your organisation in the marketplace by focusing sales conversations on value instead of price.

Who Should Attend: Sales Leaders and Key Account Managers

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